The Choice is yours "Exploring a radical lifestyle. "Dave and Jaja Martin's new DVD 'Iceblink' and their book 'Into the Light' will take you anywhere."
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Into The Light is a story which explores the lifestyle of a cruising family who have a different outlook on life. Dave and Jaja Martin, along with their three small children, voyage on a 33 foot sailboat into the northern most reaches of the globe. They spend 3 years cruising the waters of Iceland, Norway, Spitsbergen, the Faeroe Islands, and Scotland. Full of humor and fun, this book delves into a family’s choices and ultimate goals.
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Ice Blink is the remarkable story of a conventional family of five living a very unconventional life afloat. Follow Dave and Jaja Martin and their crew of three children from their beginnings on the 25-foot day sailer Direction in which they circumnavigated the globe and join them on a sail to the Arctic where they encounter new friends, icebergs and polar bears. Share their voyage into opportunities that test their physical and mental limits, prolong that self-sufficiency is the key to survival and that the rewards of the world can be had with a commitment to family, a simple lifestyle and the courage to choose differently.
Ice Blink is an affirmation that yes; we really can choose how we live our lives.



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